Field №5 - "U.S.Arena"

The size: 500 sq.m.


Purpose: Conduct amateur and entertaining laser tag tournaments (laser paintball or laser battles)


Shelter: US World War II Street


Coating: Carpet + soft safety angles


Address: Dnipro, Nizhnedniprovskaya st., 17 (Karavan) U.S.Arena

ARENA STYLE: The United States during World War II


EFFECTS: smoke machines, sound, dynamic lighting, artifacts, control point, first-aid kits, bases, radiation.


SAFETY: soft coating on the floor, soft corners of the rooms, protective bumpers on the equipment, a sensor that does not allow you to shoot with one hand, instructors.


COMFORT: on-line broadcasting of the game on TV sets in the recreation area, on-line game statistics, air conditioning, restroom, stylized recreation room, luggage storage, non-alcoholic bar, free parking, additional services.