Field №3 - "VILLAGE"

Size: 55x50 meters


Purpose: Conduct amateur and entertaining tournaments for paintball, the possibility of playing laser tag (laser paintball or laser battles)


Shelter: Houses, cars, structures, towers.



Surface: Sandy ground


Address: Dnipro, Naberezhnaya Zavodskaya st. 53 (Molodigniy Park, Novokodatska Park)  PC "AGRESSOR"


     The playground "Village". Used for tactical competitions, entertainment games, paintball and laser tag, for team building. Paintball field "Village" is one of three unifying fields for the Big Paintball Game "Battle for the Dnipro", which we organize every year for 11 years.

      "Village" is designed for a maximum number of players - 70 people. You can visit it with an instructor during your game.




        How to play on all the playgrounds?

       On the territory of the paintball club "Agressor" there are four different in terms of style and size playgrounds for paintball and laser tag.

       Having preliminary stipulated with your personal instructor, you can play on any playground. For example, you have 2 hours of playing time, so you can freely play for 30 minutes on each field.


       The rule for the game: 5 minutes average fight, 5 minutes for preparation (refueling with air and paintballs, mashing paint) + back into battle.