Rest zone №3 - "Headquarters"

Arbor №3  

The cost
250 UAH / hour - provided that the company that rents the gazebo is NOT playing any of the club's games.

Equipment: grill, stove, tables 2 pcs. + benches 4 pcs., electricity, light


Additional table + 2 benches - 50 UAH / hour


Arbor "Headquarters" -  with two tables and 4 benches behind which can accommodate 12-14 adults or 16-20 children.


It is possible to rent an additional set of furniture, expanding the number of seats to 30-40 per.


The arbor is equipped with one grill and one stove, which you can use (wood and coal can use your own, or buy from us).

We can order - barbecue, music, sports and entertainment programs! And also rent the necessary equipment.



ATTENTION! - Arbor is available from 9am to 8:45pm.